Images Festival

Nation Estate Olive Tree. Photo by: Max McClure

Young deurbanized global artists showcase multimedia event

Images Festival at S2017 focuses on art outside the metropolis - artists living and creating away from the urban jungle. Aspiring young artists from small-town or rural areas in developing countries showcase their works in Denmark. The festival coordinates with the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD), which promotes cultural cooperation between Denmark and developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East. The ‘Images of the Middle East’ 2004-2007 programme showed artists from 22 Middle Eastern countries, for example.

Images use strong national and international networks of cultural and educational institutions to create this deurbanized cultural event - and the current Images Festival slogan of ‘Occupy Utopia’ is a fitting banner for the ideals and propositions of the Countryside Metropolis. 15,000 people attend.

Arts in the Countryside Metropolis – the S2017 Images Festival draws on a vast global network of artists and art institutions to present a huge variety of high level art, from architecture to food, music, theatre, visual art, film and much more, making it a standout international festival with widely informative appeal. Young artists from other countries run interactive multimedia sessions for students.

The festival runs a huge youth and education program every year, visiting more than a hundred schools and running workshops with thousands of young people, introducing them to young artists from parts of the world they know little about.

The Artists In Residence programme is open to performers from the Images festival to mix with local artists, and provides settings for this, at the S2017 ArtFARM in Gråsten but also at other specific places all over the region. Read more under ‘ArtFARM’.

An Images conference in the autumn of 2016 draws high profile keynote speakers to Alsion. The focus on deurbanized art away from the major cities generates attention in the arts world and development aid communities, and engages a multicultural audience.

The build-up to the festival involves artists as of summer 2016, and intensifies towards the festival in late August 2017. The educational program continues until mid-October 2017.